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Dode Collection 

Introducing our stunning Dode jewellery collection. Drawing inspiration from geometric forms found in nature, this collection represents our bold and adventurous side. 

Derived from the Greek word "dōdeka," meaning twelve, Dode refers to the dodecahedron shape that lies at the heart of this collection.


Whether you desire an eye-catching statement piece, or a subtle accent to complement your everyday look, our Dode collection offers something for everyone.


What sets this collection apart is its modular design. Each piece is ingeniously connected by magnets, providing you with endless possibilities to customise colours and shapes to match your outfit or mood. Begin with a complete piece and effortlessly transform its appearance by acquiring individual Dodes.

Every Dode in our collection is 3D printed using PLA derived from renewable, organic sources such as corn starch or sugar cane. This ensures both a stunning aesthetic and a commitment to eco-conscious production.

Discover the beauty of our Dode jewellery collection today and embrace the freedom to express your unique style through customisable elegance.


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