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Our dode tri earrings are modern, bold, versatile and surprisingly lightweight.


Like the rest of our Dode jewellery collection, these earrings are modular, connected by robust magnets, meaning you can buy further individual Dodes to change your look and match your outfit or mood.


  • Original design

  • 3D printed using materials from a renewable source

  • Lightweight 

  • Sterling 2mm silver hoop 

  • Made Bristol, UK


Packaging: Our jewellery comes in a beautiful planet friendly presentation box, making it the perfect gift for your loved ones, or a special treat for yourself. Each box has a 3D printed insert, moulded to the shape of the jewellery.


Choice of the following colours:

Slate, eggshell, cyan

Slate, eggshell, ochre

Slate, eggshell, Terracotta

Slate, eggshell, Magenta


Tri Dode Earings

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