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Dode’s rebellious sister, the Dode Spike, will add a bit of sass to your outfit.


Like the rest of our Dode jewellery collection each piece is connected by screw-in magnets for enhanced strength, durability and customisation.  Begin with a complete piece and effortlessly transform its appearance by acquiring individual Dodes. 


  • Original design

  • 3D printed using materials from a renewable source

  • Waxed cotton necklace

  • Magnets (screwed in to each piece for extra strength)

  • Lightweight 

  • Made Bristol, UK


Dimensions (Approx)

The necklace measures 40cm in length. The Dodes come in three sizes: 3.5cm for the end pieces, 4.3cm for the middle pieces, and 5cm for the centerpiece.


Our jewellery comes in a beautiful planet friendly presentation box, making it the perfect gift for your loved ones, or a special treat for yourself. Each box has a 3D printed insert, moulded to the shape of the jewellery.


Choice of one complete necklace in the following options:

  • Ochre (end pieces), Slate (centre piece), Eggshell (middle pieces)
  • Slate (end pieces), Terracotta (centre piece), Eggshell (middle pieces)
  • Eggshell (end pieces), Slate (centre piece), Sage (middle pieces)
  • Eggshell (end pieces), Slate (centre piece,) Cyan (middle pieces)
  • Cyan (end pieces), Ochre (centre piece), Eggshell (middle pieces)
  • Slate (end pieces), Ochre (centre piece), Eggshell (middle pieces)

Dode Spike Necklace

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